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Baby booties #2 are complete…I believe one is slightly larger than the other, but I’m sure baby won’t complain about that.

20 blocks completed for the latest quilt pattern.  Yay!  I bought some bamboo/linen material today to finish it off.

And I am again in a knitting mood.  This is so odd.  Usually one knitting project cures me of the itch, but no I am searching bl000_2830ogs and free patterns online for the next inspiration.  The runners up are a little baby vest with buttons up the side, a sleep sack for baby, or socks for me…

I don’t have a huge stash of yarn–just enough to keep me dangerous.  I am a self-taught knitter so many a project I start gets ripped out a few times before I am successful.


I found a great new blog for some modern quilting…Handmade by Alissa.  Check it out!!