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I took a little vacation to the Black Hills. I totally forgot how beautiful it is. It was a wonderful time away for me. Family, rocks and hills, horses, bonfires, canoeing…being awed by the Creator.

We stayed at Outlaw Ranch and this was the daily view.  Not bad.

A little canoe outing.  (One of my favorite life memories is canoeing in the Boundary Waters.  Check out Sigurd Olson for a good outdoor read.)  My in-laws in one canoe and my sister-in-law and me in another.  I even netted a turtle  and almost a catfish!  Emily was a great steering master for me.

The pictures are pretty but do not do it justice.

Tony had to work and so was not able to go with us.  But we will be back sometime this summer.  I am going to make my 2 boys do a little tent camping with me!