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This last week I was able to skip off to The Creative Connection Event in the cities for a few hours.  I was only able to get there for the keynote speakers and dinner Thursday night, but it was oh so worth it!!  It was incredible to meet so many of the talented people that are at the top of the creative industry.  As I ate my scrumptious dinner, Amy Butler and Mary Jane Butters gave motivating and inspiring speeches.  I was in my glory as I tickled my tastebuds, soaked up words of wisdom, and gazed around at people like Heather Bailey, Camille Roskelley, and Joanna Figueroa.  The gifts that were showered down upon us attendees was plentiful.  I was blessed to be there.  Watch for it next year!!  I hope to be there for more of it!  Creative girls getting together for a little warmhearted making, chatting, and dreaming!