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So the other day I had this eerie feeling that someone was following me…  Come to find out it was my butt!  Totally serious!  It all makes perfect sense now…  I have been feeling like my pants are a bit high-water lately, but they still fit around the waist.  The extra indulgences have b000_2196een going to my behind, thus raising my pants!  So off I go to the mall this weekend, and low and behold, it is worse than I thought.  Needless to say Dakota and I went for a jog today.  It went very well overall, a few ugly moments, but the legs kept pumping even if it was at a turtle pace. 

Here I am before the shopping trip. 

We don’t want to see the moody return from shopping, or should I say booty return! 






Moving right along…  Here’s an idea for hanging quilts around the house.  Use a curtain rod with the clip on rings.  It’s like instant art and adds a different artistic medium to the usual art decor.  Would be so cute in a baby nursery! 

I threw this quilt up as a makeshift curtain, when I ran out of fabric half way through making new curtains.  Every time I look at this quilt the line “Joy to the world, all the boys and girls,” from the song Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog, screams in my head! 

Move your body this week!