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I have a couple trays of seeds started now but decided that our south facing deck is warm enough for me to get some lettuce and herbs going. I pulled my old containers out and washed them using some water with a bit of bleach. I’ve read that this is what you use to sterilize your pots…not really sure on the exact amount of bleach to use…I just threw in a splash. Hope it works!!!

Picked up some dirt from the store. Next year I will use compost. Fingers crossed that I can get a successful brew cooking!

These bigger pots will hold lettuce and spinach. My guess is they will grow perfectly in the warm sun for now, but I will probably need to move them to a cooler side of the deck in a month. Once it gets hot out, your lettuce will start to taste very bitter. Lettuces are a cool crop so you plant them in the spring and fall. No good during the summer months. I think the same is true for spinach, but I don’t notice the bitterness as much.

I of course, had my trusty helper. It was a great project for him. I did need to get out the broom though to save half my soil.

Elias also learned about soil compaction. Not a good thing. “Don’t push it down too much!”

Here is my milk jug watering invention. I’m rather proud…though I’m sure it’s been done a million times. All well. I didn’t want to use a spray bottle because sometimes it takes too long. {And yes, I left mine somewhere and can’t find it. drat!} I didn’t want to use the full size watering can since that can dribble too much in some spots washing seeds away. I noticed this empty milk jog and decided to punch some holes in the lid with a nail. No hammer needed–you can simply push the nail in.

It works great!

So now we wait for a couple weeks to see if we have success. Here’s what I planted…couple varieties of lettuce and spinach, basil, cilantro, dill, and chives. Most of my other herbs are already planted inside. {sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, tarragon, more basil.} Now I know a lot of herbs I could direct sow if I waited a few more weeks. But it’s hard to wait. So I didn’t.