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Today we had a birthday celebration at little 2 year old Bella’s house.  A perfect excuse to have some fun with my sewing machine and yummy fabric.  First up was a birthday crown!  Shouldn’t all little girls have a pretty crown with pom-poms on their special day?!  (The pattern is from Sew Sunny Homestyle.)  The second project was a Ruffle Skirt by bridget&lucy.  This pattern was designed by some local women and is just fabulous!  It was so fast and easy, not to mention absolutely ruffle-acious!!

Aren’t homemade gifts so much fun?!  What could you make for the next time you need a gift?  Can you use things you already have?  Something new from something old, re-purposing?  A green gift in honor of Earth day?  How about making something scrumptious from your kitchen?  hmmm, the possibilities…

Oh, and Elias says “Go Twins!”