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It is not my fault!! I could not find any bulbs to force this winter–which made me terribly sad–so I had to find another way to hope for spring. So…spring seedlings are started!! I know I’m probably just a wee bit early, but this COLD is getting to me. I controlled myself and only did seeds that take longer to mature or seeds that are so old I’m not sure they will germinate.

I made mini greenhouses using milk jugs after I read an article from this free digital magazine called “From Scratch.” I’m hopeful it works! I will be saving more milk jugs in the coming weeks so I can do more.

To create holes in the bottom, for water, and the top, for ventilation, of the jug, I used an old screw heated with a candle. It was pretty slick. Plus I felt pretty cool doing it! Then you cut around the jug about halfway up and leaving it partially attached. After you add your soil and seeds, you close it up. Write on the outside what it is, the date, and the days until germination. Germination days are important for me since I am testing some old seeds.

So all in all, I did my two milk jugs, a large pot of spinach seeds, and two 32 cell trays. Herbs in one of those, because you can never have herbs to soon…

We found some old fluorescent lights last year that I am thinking will do the trick for seed starting. I’ll post a pic when we have them set up. Which I’m guessing we will need to do soon since I have the seeds planted already…