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I love weekends!  I hope that wherever your “weekend” falls in the week that you are able to enjoy it fully! 

My Saturday included making banana bread, delivering patterns to a local shop, chilling at the dog park, homemade soup, and quality sewing room time.  Yay! 


I gave up the TV last week after getting mad at it!  I felt like throwing it out the window.  Since banning it from my life I now get so much more done!  Go figure! 

On the back of this bench is a hand stitched family tablecloth.  It was stained and my mom didn’t know what to do with it, so I dyed it with tan RIT dye so the stain blended in.  Good as new. 



It was a bit of a baby day in the sewing room.  I threw this blanket together rather quickly.  It is a flannel panel that I backed with a very soft material and then stuck ribbons out the edges.   Sewed around the edges and turned it right side out.  I thought I might use embroidery floss to tie it in a few places, but I’m not even going to do that.  Very simple project.  Little ones love sucking on the ribbons.   


I also made this pillowcase.  I love the little animals on the fabric.  The directions for the pillowcase are easy and all the seams are hidden so it looks rather professional when you are done. 

So what am I doing with all this baby stuff?!  Maybe gifts, maybe the hope chest.   Tony says I need to get my dad to make me another hope chest since I’ve filled the first one.  🙂