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Another chilly day around here. The temp was 2 above so I allowed the boys to go sledding on the front hill. They LOVE it and I enjoy the peace it gives me. With the cold weather, we decided we should get our bird feeders up. Better late than never I guess. Now I anxiously wait for who our first visitor will be even though I told the boys it could take weeks. Seed catalogs have arrived! yay! I have my eye on raspberries this year for a new patch. I used to wonder how to get seed catalogs…I guess once you request from one company you get on everyone’s mailing list. Ha! I don’t mind in the least. I’ve been out to the chickens a couple times checking for eggs. The eight ladies laid 5 in about an hour. Man I’m impressed! Fire is blazing away–perfect for a winter day. And now I am being summoned to the bathroom. Just another day of homesteading and motherhood!