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Yesterday, we got our math, reading, and writing done right away in the morning. So that meant we got to spend the rest of the day thinking about Easter projects. {Trying to promote the benefits of getting work done first thing! Sometimes I’m a waaay better preacher on things than I actually am on doing them. Bah.}

Here are some fun ideas we found for our 2-6 age range.
With do-a-dot paints we made bunny carrot pictures. We actually didn’t have a brown do-a-dot so Elias improvised by drawing his bunnies and then making his ground blue. Blue ground is probably more interesting than brown anyways.

We made carrot feet. Probably mostly because I want to capture my babies smallness. We also thought they’d be fun to send off to the grandparents. On the front of them we wrote “Happy Easter” and then I had the boys write their names. Again, trying to capture the stage they are in with their writing.



FullSizeRender (32)

FullSizeRender (35)

I mentioned laminated cotton in the last post. We use it almost everyday! It’s good stuff. You can see it as our drop-cloth in some of the pics above.

And lastly we dyed some more Easter eggs. Ninja style this time. A little tape and what was supposed to be googly eggs, but alas were not found, so marker eyes. This was so easy that I think we will do this one again next year.

Did you know that if you add a little baking soda to the water when you make hard boiled eggs, it makes them easier to peel? {Works well, but I do think it makes the eggs a little firmer…maybe…I don’t know.}

A few years ago when we first started raising chickens, I realized that I only had brown eggs. I was disappointed at first when it came to decorating eggs because I thought brown would be harder to dye. Truth is, is brown eggs take a little longer to turn color, but they come out more jewely vibrant in color when they do. Beautiful!

We tried making “dinosaur” easter eggs as well this year. It’s where you hard boil eggs and then crack the shell all over and then dye them. The dye is just supposed to seep into the cracks and leave your egg all spidering/liney when you peel it. Didn’t work that great for us sadly. Maybe someone knows a trick to it?

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter surrounded by friends, family, and the AMAZING grave can’t keep Him in the ground LOVE of our GOD!!