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This morning I woke up at 6 to work on some pillows for my mom’s birthday.  I made her and my dad a duvet cover a couple months ago, and I’ve been thinking it’s high time they had some accent pillows to go with it.  The pillow in the background was very easy and I added a little balled fringe to the sides for a little something special for the eye.  The pillow in the front was made with scraps from the fabric in the duvet cover.  I added beaded fringe on this one.  It was a smidge harder to work with since you have to watch the foot of your sewing machine and make sure your needle doesn’t hit any of the beads.  I made it through with only one broken needle.  😉 

So after making my mom’s birthday pillows, I decided to make some matching pillowcases for the quilt on my bed.  They were rather fun to make and I used the scraps from the quilt so they were very cheap as well.  Basically to make a pillow case you use 24 inches of regular 42″ wide fabric (WOF), a 2 1/2 inch accent strip WOF, and a 6 inch WOF for the top of the pillow case.  There are patterns that allow you to have no raw seams so your finished pillowcase looks very professional. 



Tony and I also ripped out the shag carpet in our bathroom today.  I know, carpet in a bathroom!  Ugh!!  We were planning on taking it out when we redo the entire bathroom, but with the humidity it was grossing us out.  It came up very easy and I don’t know why we didn’t do it before.  I’m excited for even more home improvements!