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The boys and I took a trip over to our local farm this morning.  I love this place!  The “farmer” farms so smart…he uses every space so well.  He’s smart.  You can just tell.  Here you are looking at the chickens behind all the perfectly trained grape vines.   Oh, that reminds me, I have grape juice in my fridge from these vines that needs to get tasted and savored.  I’ll have to take a pic of that jar full of juice!


Here’s who came to greet us right away when we arrived.  They are darling!  My hubby says we may get some of these someday at our own place.  Yippee!!  I suppose we need that certain place first though.  Details.  The llama fiber is sold in the farmers shop and I am forcing myself to find the perfect project for it before I buy it. Cool to know exactly which animal by name your knitting comes from.


We said hello to these ladies like we always do when we stop.  “Thank you chickens for our eggs!”



Oh yes, some of these girls will have to join us too once we find a home!  Can’t wait!


The trip to the farm is always worth it for these!  The BEST eggs ever!  Really, if you aren’t buying farm fresh eggs, you should be.  You might have to do a little digging to find a source, but it is worth it.