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I finished the quilting and binding on the new nursery quilt.  I have a quilt on Elias’ bedroom wall and I really like the warmth and softness it brings to the room, so I decided to do one for the new baby as well.

I used some vintage looking fabric I had in my stash.  Originally I wanted the red polka dot as the center star and the green duck print as the outer border, but I was short on the duck fabric so I had to work with what I had.

Have I told you Elias is the best quilting support ever?!  Every time I bring out a quilt he acts like it is the most exciting event.  When I showed him this quilt, he pointed at the center, smiled, and said “duck!”  He knows the way to my heart!



The pattern is one I made up.  I won’t confess to you how long it took me to figure out the center star.  🙂  I blame it on my pregnancy brain.  For the quilting I did a simple cross-hatch to add to the simplicity of it.  I also rounded the corners to make it really old school.  To hang it I made a trip to the backyard hedge and cut myself a straight looking stick.  Cheap and handy.


It’s a cuddly quilt that will warm the room for a bit and then eventually will be snuggled by a little person.