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I wanted to do a quilt pattern that included touches of some of the things I love.  I knew Tony would not be a fan of all the extra elements, but I decided to ignore the man’s opinions this go around and just stick with my whimsies.  Here are some pictures of the latest progress on the newest Ingrid Barlow pattern.   Patterns available soon for retail and wholesale!!!

This is my pieced back.  I stood at the store and hemed-and-hawed about what yardage I should use for the back, but ultimately decided to go with all the leftover fabric I had at home.  I am so happy with the result!  I even used my leftover pinwheels from the front!

I used a different method for the binding/quilting.  Here’s a pile of my ruffle edge.  (I highly recommend a ruffler attachment for your sewing machine if you like the look of ruffles.)

Here we go–sewing the ruffle on.

Trimming the excess back off.

The “birthing” of the quilt!  (pulling it right-side out.)

This will be tomorrow’s project.  A throw back to the church ladies method of finishing a quilt.  It’s different and it’s cheaper for those who have to send their quilts out to be quilted!

A sweet embellishment!

And my darling boy at my side.  What a trooper!