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000_2279We started celebrating love day the eve of with a special treat of homemade caramel and apples.  This is quite the addicting snack, so you must limit yourself.  Tony and I got on a roll a couple years ago and my cholesterol went through the roof! 


000_2300This morning I got up early and made a coffee cake to surprise Tony when he got home from work at 8:00am.  He walked through the door and laughed since he was going to take me out for a special brunch.  All well. Instead we had a little Dean Martin background music, milk in wine glasses (since we don’t ever use them otherwise), spilled milk, dog jumping on the back door obnoxiously, and some singing.  None of which we could have done at a restaurant.  I got Tony a card (truthfully, I scampered down to my stash and picked one out 30 seconds before Tony walked in the door.)  Tony gave me a verbal card on one knee since he didn’t make it to the stash in time.  Come to find out, I very much like verbal cards.

I gave Tony some nap time by going to a quilt shop and getting some fabric.  Very self sacrificing of me.  I also went and spent a gift card I had at Macy’s.  Gift cards are a terrible thing for me.  I cannot make up my mind!  Clothes, shoes, perfume, home goods, baking goods??!!  I decided that since it was birthday money I could buy whatever was going to please me the most on this specific outing.  I walked out with alphabet cookie cutters, and stencils for frosting on cupcakes.  Pleased I be.  I had to make the above cookie cutter bag for myself when I got home. 

We finished the day with another home cooked meal and chocolate volcano cakes per Tony’s request.  000_2287Tony had 3 and gave himself a belly ache.  What a way to end the night. 



I hope that even if you celebrated the love day alone, you found some joy in it.    Happy Valentine’s Day!