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Hi everyone!  I’m back to life after last weeks debacle.  This is our last session on knitting as I show you how to purl and how to cast off.  I hope that for those of you needing a nudge to pick up knitting, that this took some of the scare out of it.  As you work through a project you will probably need to check back at the videos and use other resources out there.  If you google “knit stitch” or “purl stitch” you will come up with oodles of help.  Plus, most knitting books have some sort of instructional section that you may find helpful.  Hop on over to your local knitting shop and ask for a beginner pattern…or…find a pattern online.

Movie Monday–Purling and Casting Off from Ingrid Barlow on Vimeo.

–Do you like the toilet paper in the background?!  I’m too cheap to buy Kleenex when T.P. works just as good.  (My poor mother will never understand this behavior.)