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I can’t believe tomorrow is the start of another week?!  Don’t the weekends just fly? 

I did some major sewing today.  My sister-in-law, Esther, asked me to do a baby quilt up for her first nephew.  She picked the fabric out and sent it to me–it was terribly fun for me to see what fabric she picked, since she has probably never been in a quilt shop before.  I had to do the quilt in a couple days so she made up a very easy pattern.  It has that wrinkled/aged look to it which is so snug!  Hope the baby uses it until it turns to rags! 




I also did up one of my own patterns, Scandinavian Songbirds, for Esther’s mom named Ingrid.  (Cool to have the same name–I don’t meet many Ingrids)  Esther is going to Germany in a couple days so she will deliver the quilts then.


Have a wonderful week!