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What a fabulous weekend!  Tony and I headed to Hudson, WI (our hometown) to go to a high school friend’s wedding.  It was so much fun to see everyone!  I am so blessed to have one crazy dancer of a hubby!  We have so much fun together on the dance floor–we don’t care a lick what we look like and I’m sure it’s rather obvious! 

I also hit one of my all time favorite quilt shops.  It’s called St. Croix County Dry Goods and it is located in downtown Hudson.  It is the home of wonderful antiques and the best quilt samples!  I so wish I could just buy the entire store! 

My parents met us at home in Sioux Falls on Sunday night and we put new siding on our house.  Leave it to my dad it make this huge project a 24 hour whirlwind. 

It looks great and a huge thanks to mom and dad for making the trip and providing the siding! 

Picked up a few “new” pieces at Tony’s grandma’s house.  Great lines and totally retro–love it!