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A friend I work with gave me the recipe to make my own laundry soap!  How cool is that!  I made some the other night and it was so easy.  The recipe is below…some of the ingredients may seem difficult to find, but when I went to the store most of them were all right next to each other.  For the bar of soap you may have to go to a smaller hardware store.  (I got mine at Ace Hardware.)

2 cups Borax
2 cups Arm & Hammer washing soda
1 bar Fels Naptha Soap
1 cup dry color safe bleach
Grate the Fels Napta and combine all ingredients.
Use 2-3 tbsp per load.


If you are counting pennies, here is how this breaks down in price.  Borax=$2.56, Arm & Hammer=$2.12, Bleach (I used Biz)=$6.68, Fels Naptha Soap=$1.29.  Not bad.  I have a ton leftover after making one batch! The only thing I will need to get more of is the bar of soap.  With using 2-3 Tbsp a load I’m thinking this is the way to go.  Plus it is such a romantic thing to do and it smells good!