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I just can’t stop!  Now that we have started updating the house, I want to just go, go go!  Today we finished priming the kitchen walls and then I tackled some more border paper in our office. 

It came off pretty easy with a little hot water and patience.  Tony decided after the priming in the kitchen that he was done for the night.  I actually think I am the better home improver so I didn’t discourage him much.  😉 

I am also getting excited to make curtains now that we are starting to figure out what colors we are going to go with.  The plan, as of today, is to go very simple.  I like the idea of using large silver grommets on a rod.  I saw some “duck cloth” that I really like and I think I will use a main color and then maybe a strip of an accent color along the bottom.  (This is sort of what I’m thinking.)

Happy day to you and whatever you are up to!!!