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On average, I probably take on a couple of bigger projects for people through the year.    One project that I recently took on was an interesting one.  A new friend from Bible Study asked me to take a look at her great grandma’s quilt that she inherited.  She wanted to make it in to two quilts for her daughter’s beds.  Any ideas she asked?  oh boy!  After guessing that the quilt was probably from around the 1930’s and that she would have to be very careful in how she washed it, extreme gentle cycle in a machine or even better hand wash, we decided to give it a go.  I cut it in half, did some repair work with the parts of the quilt that I had to remove when I cut it in two, and added a border with a solid 30’s pink.  Then decided it really needed scalloped borders.  Totally extra work, but how can you not put scallops on it?!  Pure charm.

Here’s the repair work I did.  Nothing fancy.  A little zig-zag to patch.  Really can’t see it that much because of the scrappiness of the quilt.

 Scallops on the border.  I used a dinner plate to mark it and bias binding.  Extra time, but worth it in the end.  And I really don’t mind hand stitching the binding.  Kind of peaceful and relaxing.

In fact here I am…binding away last night.

Kind of cool to think that 2 little girls will snuggle under matching quilts that their great great grandma made so long ago.   Even though I cut grandma’s quilt in two and used a machine to stitch on the borders, I think she would have smiled at the fact that we  passed her quilting legacy on just a little farther.  I can only hope some of my quilts will be passed along and cherished through so many generations!

A very neat project indeed.