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Elias has been keeping me a bit busier this past week, so I haven’t had much time being creative.  I caught a few moments to tidy things up in the studio today.  Here’s some new fabric that needs a fun pattern.  I was really drawn to the fresh color combos and the organic/free feel of it.

Our dog Dakota, whom I know call Frau Kota in honor of my sister-in-laws family…(well actually it might not be an honor, but I’ve started calling her Frau and it has stuck) is doing very well with baby Elias.  Pre-baby she would beg to go in one of the back bedrooms each night to nap, now she will not leave the living room since that is where Elias is.  How cute!  Frau Kota gets a lick in when she can, but other than that she really minds her “p’s and q’s.”