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We finally got in the garden this last weekend!! We were so anxious to be planting and I’d go from feeling on top of things, to feeling like I was weeks behind. It felt soooo good to finally be digging in!!

One of the biggest projects we did this weekend, was creating two new garden beds. They are both about 4 feet x 50 feet. One is a somewhat raised bed since the ground below it is very rocky/gravelly. The bed next to it is more of a mounded bed. So exciting to have more garden space! I hope come August I am not completely overwhelmed by it!! (A benefit to sharing the garden with the in-laws though is that we all pitch in to make big work not so big. I love multi-family gardening!)

The boys were great little garden helpers and my hope is that this year will be easier than last year in having them help out. Elias is 4 now and Espen will turn 3 in July. And well the coming baby…they just sleep contentedly all the time, right??!

Speaking of babies… this belly is 35 weeks now and did pretty good with a full day of gardening. I think it helped that the bed I planted was slightly raised and already tilled, so I had it easy. We also are trying a method of planting where you sow your seeds thickly and then plan to thin once the plants come up. Hopefully this method will keep some of the weeds at bay since your plants will fill in most of the bed. Time will tell if it works…

And a final pick of the boys. Garden entertainment! Elias thought of creating a see-saw all by himself with a couple big boards. I hope we have a full summer of garden adventures!

And just to throw some knitting at you… Here is a sweet crown I made for the boys from a free pattern on Ravelry called Circlet. It is adorable! And I cannot imagine it on a little girl…YES I will be making more!!