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With baby #2 approaching this summer, I am in a total “finish old projects” mood.  I pulled out this old runner top that was kind of a failed pattern idea and quilted it up.  I actually really like the finished piece, and I am soooo happy with my decision on how to quilt it.  Simple and easy.  I also didn’t want to use my basting spray since I am pregnant, so I went with the pinning method to tack my layers together.

I moved on to thinking about some of my unfinished knitting projects.  Remember Elias’ Christmas sweater?  then it turned into his birthday sweater. Now it is “better hurry up and get this done before spring” sweater.  The last couple of days we have been stuck inside with a nasty storm, so I have made some great progress on it.  Only problem is, is it is looking rather large.  Last night I checked my gauge and then I pulled some of Elias’ sweaters out that fit right now to compare.  Yes, this new sweater is BIG!  I guess better that than too small but…  So this will be his next fall/winter sweater and we will hope that it fits.  There is always baby #2 if sizing/timing doesn’t work out for Elias.  After all it is another BOY!

Just this morning I pulled out this very old project.  It is a sweater I started in college.  The yarn is not great…Walmart quality…and the color I picked…hmmmm…  It will be old-school.  I still want to finish it though.  memories.