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I loved this project!  I had a felted bag that I had made a few years ago that just did not turn out.  It was too big for me and I had used a decorative yarn around the top 4 inches and it did not felt the same as the rest of the bag, so I had a very misshapen ugly thing when I was finished.  (felting=using 100% wool yarn to knit and then washing/drying it very hot multiple times until you have the shrink that you are looking for.  By the time you are done felting you can’t even see your stitches.)  I have held on to this bag over the years because I knew it had 2ndlife potential.  Well this weekend I pulled it out and made felted bowls with it!  I love the results and I am doubly pumped that I was able to reuse a failed project from the past.  All I did was cut out a rectangle—sew up one side to make a tube, and then sewed on a bottom circle to make the container.  TIP:  You can use containers that you already have to get a good idea of your measurements.  Then you get to be creative in how you embellish them.  The only one pictured that needs some explanation is the polka-dot one.  I felted little bits of colored wool onto the bowl using an old kitchen sponge and a big needle.  (More directions on this kind of felting here.)




Project lesson—Sometimes it takes a failure to figure out how to do something even better!