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Puzzles are a favorite thing to do around here. Maybe because I love to do them… Funny how we spend time doing the things the parent/teacher enjoys. And I’m perfectly fine calling puzzles “school.” A lot of good things happen for little brains and fingers. Color and shape recognition. Mental imaging. Grouping. Hand eye coordination. Fine motor skills. Problem solving. PLUS it’s wonderful social time with the whole family.


This is one of our my favorite puzzles. It’s by Djeco and is called “Abracadabra.” There is also one called “Oceans” that I love. These are both 200 pieces which I find is challenging yet enjoyable for the 4 year old all the way up to adult.


Elias is plugging away at his math today. The latest thing he is learning about is quarters in the hour. Fun to see things click for him.


Tomorrow I’ll show you our new organizational method that gives the boys more freedom and independence.