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I showed you Elias’ new winter hat yesterday before I completely finished it.  It’s totally done now and I can’t believe the difference a finishing edge, ties, and some blocking makes!  Wow!  I love this little hat and of course the little boy that will wear it.

I went out this morning and finished picking our potatoes.  I had been picking them as we needed them, but I thought I better pull them before it got too chilly around here.  This is only the second year I’ve tried them and I’m sad to say that my crop was down from last year.  We will only last a couple months on these and then I will have to buy from the store.  Bummer.  However, they will for sure go on my garden list for next year.

*If you’ve never tried potatoes, I highly recommend them.  They are easy to plant and way fun to harvest.  I think kids would love digging for them.  You never know what you are going to find!