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I finally opened an Etsy shop!  Wahoo!! When people hear what I do, they often ask if I have an Etsy shop and now I can say YES!  Come visit my shop!

I have 3 really fun products listed, with more coming.  I’m just going to highlight one today, but feel free to check them all out at the shop.

Today’s feature is the Ruffled Wristlet!

Here’s what the listing description is:  “This ruffled wristlet is perfect for tossing a phone, some coin, and your driver’s license in! I love it for making that all too often trip to the grocery store! It is also padded so that there is some protection for your phone if you happen to drop it… (I never drop my phone. HA!)
Treat yourself with one, send one as a surprise to a friend, or save it as a special gift. Any girl would love a handy wristlet!”

Size: 4″x6″ + wristlet strap

Color: Gray and White Exterior. Pink Interior.

I really do love this little wristlet because when I am trying to juggle 2 children and all the stuff they come with, the last thing I want to worry about it where my purse is.  I slip it on my wrist and then I still have 2 hands available.

I decided to put a flashy, smile on your face, pink for the inside to give it some sass.

This is the strap that fits easily over your hand.  It is lined with interfacing so it has some good sturdy quality.

Ta-da!  It would look sooo good on your wrist!  Or your friends.  Or moms.  Or your sis.  Or that wonderful coworker who deals with you everyday…

I’m so excited to have an Etsy shop.  Please come see me over there!!  As always, I can do custom orders if you would like to swap colors on anything.  Just contact me!