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We spent a glorious few days up at my parents house last week in MN.

I picked some blueberries for breakfast.  Talk about eating fresh!  Still warm from the sun.

Grandma watched Elias while Tony and I went on a canoe ride.  It was a beautiful escape for me.  We saw this little guy coming to the water for a drink.  Can you tell who he is?  Here’s a hint:  he is covered with little white spots (for now)  and mama is not far away.

I was Tony’s captain as he did a little of this.  I would totally have a scum frog of my own in the water, but I am too cheap to buy a license when I only get around to it a couple times a year.  I probably should anyways just to support the sport, lake conservation,  and the DNR.

After our fishing was complete, we paddled out to the middle of the lake and jumped in.  clothes and all.  I had to make sure if ever we dumped ourselves we would be able to get back in the canoe.  It really wasn’t very hard.  It’s good practice for my dream trip to the Boundary Waters.

A good time was had by all!