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Last year my mom gave us an Easter egg decorating kit. We just put it to good use today. I had some very excited helpers!


I actually didn’t let them do a lot…there wasn’t a lot they could do.  Their duties were watching and putting on stickers once the eggs were dry.  I sort of felt like an ornery mother, but really, full cups of dye was just not something I wanted to test preschool skills on.

I needed a tablecloth that could get spilled on without staining, so I grabbed some yardage of laminated cotton from my fabric stash. It worked perfect!

After this picture they both promptly started banging two eggs together. Did I forget to mention 20 times to them that eggs will break and we have to be careful???!!!!???? ah boys. Thankfully I hard boiled them. They are in the fridge now and we will eat them over the next couple days.