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Custom Quilts

Have you ever wanted to make your own quilt? Create a family heirloom? Enjoy having something handmade in your home? But time keeps getting in the way? I have been turning out quilts for myself, family and friends for over 10 years. Now I am excited to help you realize your dreams!

The process is easy, first we pick out a pattern (this can be one of mine or any other pattern you like), we then work together to put together fabrics. You can be as involved as you want in the fabric step, from simply sending me some color options to match your space, to doing a Skype call and looking at fabrics together online. Next I piece your quilt top, create the quilt and then stitch it all together. Along the way we can work to mix in some custom touches to make it all your own.

Please contact me with questions or to order

Here is how the pricing works:

  • Cost of all Materials Included
  • As Much Involvement as you Want
  • Pictures and Updates as your Quilt is Created
  • Your Choice of Pattern and Fabrics
  • Custom Details to Make it Your Own
  • Your Very Own Heirloom, Designed by You

Queen Size Custom Quilt
Cost: $1,200.00

Twin Size Custom Quilt
Cost: $800.00

Lap Size Custom Quilt
Cost: $600.00

Baby Size Custom Quilt
Cost: $400.00

Please contact me for ordering information

*Sizes are approximate, exact dimensions are dependent on the pattern