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Today I had the sudden urge to make a quilt to go on my kitchen table.  It seems sort of silly to put a quilt on a table, when it is bound to get dirty, but the romantic mind does not think in practical terms.  Quilts add such warmth to any room! 


I made my table quilt with some fabric that I had been hanging on to for some time–I was saving it for a special project.  The fabric is so sweet and soft.  I actually used an old sheet from Tony’s grandma as the backing so that I could get the same worn softness for both the front and back.  To finish it off, I simply tied it with some pink floss. 

If you want to make a quick tie quilt without binding…

Layer in this order–


backing-right side up

top-right side down

Sew around the edge leaving an opening to turn it right side out. 

Use floss or yarn to tie all three layers together.