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Remember when I made that Pixie hat for Elias before he was born?  Well, it is a wee bit too big still.  I’m thinking next fall.  🙂


With that hat out of commission and it getting chilly around here, I thought I better knit up a new one.  Knitting on the to-do list–love it!  I spent lots of time on Ravelry picking out my favorites…then Tony decided he didn’t like any of them.  Flaps.  He wanted flaps.  So back to Ravelry for more decisions.  We picked one and I got started.  It was looking a little large, but I knitted on.  Mistake.  Check out the size of one ear flap from the failed 1st pattern compared to the finished hat of the second pattern.  Geez.  The second attempt=success.

I have to put on a finishing row of crochet around the edge and then I am done.  Yippee!  And it even fits!   (The pattern is called “Cozy” on Ravelry.)