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My mom had this little Christmas apron that she would pull out and wear at just that time of year.  It holds such fond memories for me.  She would wear it when company was coming over for holiday parties or the family was gathering.  It meant something was in the air…out of the ordinary…special smells making your tummy rumble..children seen but not heard time.  Last time I was at their place I dug through the Christmas boxes and found that bit of happy history.  I brought it home and used it as a template to create my own memory maker.  It snaps at the back of the neck and has two handy pockets on the front.  It will be a good one for baking days, gardening, and playing hard with little ones some day.

-couple notes on aprons.  

If you use cotton fabric to make your apron, one layer of cotton is not going to keep you dry if you do the dishes.

When using bias tape, use a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine instead of a straight stitch.  This way you will be sure to catch the folded edge on the side that you can’t see when you are sewing.      

I hope you take time to make a memory today!