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So I decided on the next knitting project.  It isn’t any of the three things I was thinking about the other night, but rather an “advanced” pr000_2839oject for non other than me.  Oh what am I thinking?!  I totally should not be making something for myself at this time…but, I suppose it could become a Christmas gift for someone…  yeah, probably not.  I am actually doing very well at following the cable charts.  One row at a time.  If I do 10 rows a night it will only take me a month to make.  HA!

I also stopped by the local knitting shop today.  Very dangerous, but Tony did not like any of my yarn options for the baby items, so what’s a girl to do…  I am now stocked to make a baby sweater, baby vest, and one other project that is unknown at this time because I couldn’t resist.

000_2836The girls are coming by Sunday for some arts and crafts time.  I threw together this little quilt to give them an idea of an easy sewing project.  The brown border is bamboo/linen.  How very nifty!