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Bergen. 2 1/2. She has made me want to have 5000 girls. She has driven me crazy. The easiest in some ways, the hardest in others. We fondly refer to her as “The Bergenator.”
This little stacker bunny has come in handy with learning biggest/littlest and hand/eye coordination with Bergen. I love that it is a simple wooden toy.
Bergen has been very much into dressing herself which involves multiple wardrobe changes a day. My mom saved some of my dresses and these are some of her favorites to put on. Tony caught this moment of her today. She’s ALWAYS on the move/climb…except when she’s eating. Which is also a favorite activity.
It was like 15 degrees with fresh snow today so all the kids had some good playtime outside. I had a friend once who told me if it was above 0, her kids played outside every day. I thought this was a little crazy as I held my only infant child at the time. Now I TOTALLY get it. And it’s our rule too. Outside daily!! And I try to make myself do that as well. Here’s our chalkboard art for this month. My reminder on those hard days when I don’t want to make the effort…
Bergen and Ole in from the cold.
Here’s the boys working on math. Well, at least one.
And my Espen. Just a wee bit distractable and a daydreamer. I pulled out our timer and motivated him with it. He finished in record time…as I suspected he could. {Here’s the timer we have. The color visual is great because it helps kids know how much time has elapsed. We use it for reading and chores like room cleaning.}
We did some art with our oil and chalk pastels. I try to participate in as much as I can with the kids. I think it’s important for kids to see their parents participation! I don’t always want to, but I’m always glad when I do. {Oil pastels are new to us, and we LOVE them!! And they are pretty cheap. I’ve found them on Amazon and at WalMart.}
I’ll leave you with Tony’s “specialty” lunch choice today. Peanut butter+chocolate chips+marshmallow. One of the perks of being a grown-up…freedom to make up a sandwich any way you like.