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Here’s another project I did this weekend.  This is a bath time towel for baby.  (I know I have posted a lot on baby stuff, and many of you are not at that phase in life…but it is rather a big event in our lives at this time so you will just have to bear with me.)  You throw this on at bath time using the ties on one of the short ends.  It hangs down your front as you enjoy lots of splashing during the bath and then you simply lift baby right out onto your chest when you are done.  Bring the bottom of the towel up and over baby and you have a baby being snuggled and dried at the same time.  I spruced this towel up with some appliqué—the pelican is actually a copy of a picture I drew when I was a little girl.  I love the simplicity of the shapes!  Very inspiring to see a glimpse of life through the perspective of a child!

Splish splash!