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I finished baby #2’s sweater!  Yellow is typically not my color, but I saw another one done in it and I got it stuck in my head.  You know how that goes.  Plus, I wanted to stretch myself and do something different.  I picked a cotton blend in a tweedy yellow.  Knitting with cotton was a bit different–your tension has to be a little tighter and it doesn’t bounce into shape like wool does.  I am sure I will knit with cotton again…and I think it will be good on baby…but I probably prefer wool blends at this time.










I was a bit bummed with the details of the sweater getting lost in the yarn choice I made.  (Which is somewhat frustrating when you ask specifically about that and are told that it will be fine.  All well.)  There are 3 lovely leaves that come down the front of the sweater that you can just make out on this one.  I am going to eventually do the pattern again in Cascade 220 Superwash, so I am anxious to see the difference.













The buttons make me happy.













Bottom line=looking forward to putting it on baby come this fall!

FREE pattern HERE!