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000_2306I spent some good quality time in my sewing room today.  I have a bad habit of telling myself that I can do whatever I want on the weekends.  That means housework and other tiresome duties get neglected.  This is a new table runner I made with some Heather Bailey scraps.  Really no quilting knowledge needed here.  You simply sew pieces of fabric together and trim it to the size you want.  This is a fun change for the most dearly anticipated spring season.  (I heard you can decorate for spring after Valentine’s Day.  Yippee!) 

Here’s a box of fat quarters (fabric cut 18″x21″=quarter of a yard).000_2310  It’s so fun to go through fabric and see what you have in your stash.  I always think I should use up what I have, but then I go shopping and just can’t resist picking up something new.  Many quilters have boxes and boxes of unused fabric!  I’m not there yet…I hope I never am.  In the background you can see one of my favorite hand dyed balls of yarn.  I have yet to think of the perfect project for that. 

Happy President’s Day!