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I gave in.  I told myself I could not go to the library and then I did anyways.  You must understand that when I go to the library I cannot resist coming home with a whole stack of books and then nothing else gets done.  I read on my lunch break, during my afternoon rest time (I’m sort of milking the whole pregnancy thing), and by 7:30 I am crawling into bed so I have plenty of read time before my eyes fall shut.

So while I’m in my read hibernation mode, I am also playing the game of “see how long we can go before I HAVE to go to the grocery store.”  Let’s just say Tony does not like this game.

Between books, I did find some time to get a new quilt top done.  Very fun and something different.  I am excited to get the pattern wrapped up for individual sales and quilt shops.  Here’s a sneak peak!