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Having 2 boys around here is crazy!  My day is so full!  If it’s not one thing it is something else.  Wow!

I have been wanting to share with you some things and yet it seems like every time I go to blog, something comes up or a project is somewhere too close to a sleeping boy and I dare not attempt to get it.  (You moms know what I mean!)  So let’s hope I get through this post before something happens!  (One child yelling “uh oh” and a dirty diaper later.)

I finished some knitting projects.  Here are some mittens I made for myself (yay myself!) with this pattern.  Since it is a one size pattern, they came out a little big for me.  I tried shrinking them a bit, but it didn’t work.  Next best solution, was to line them with fleece.  They fit wonderfully now and are extra cozy.  They are so hardy, I told Tony that I would be wearing them in 16 years at my son’s footfall games.  (That is, if I don’t loose them before then…)  Free pattern here.



I also finally sewed the buttons on Espen’s new vest.  I figured if I didn’t do it soon, he would outgrow it.  Remember this vest?  (This is Elias.)

This was the vest I made for Elias.  Turns out it was a little scratchy.  So I framed it for Espen’s room.


This is the new soft version for Espen.   Free pattern found here.  I love it because it buttons down one side and on one shoulder so you don’t have to go over baby’s head.


He wore it to church last week.  Oh, but do you see that whitish spot right on the front?  I was blocking it with the iron and a towel when I was finished knitting it, and I went to pull up the towel and it stuck.  I forgot that I had used that towel as a drip spot for my hot glue gun on a different project.  arrr!!  I had melted the glue with the iron onto my new little vest.  How stupid of me!  So now I have to get that glue off there.  Any hints anybody?



I also had another dumb moment that same night.  I washed Espen’s Granny Square blanket by hand in the sink.  Then I laid it out to dry and decided that it would be so much faster to dry in the dryer…and it might even come out softer that way than air drying it.  What could possibly happen?   Dumb, dumb, dumb.  This could happen!

Holes, holes, holes.



Last night I stitched them back up, so project saved, but I learned my lesson.


Happy Friday!!