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This last week we took a family vacation up to Brainerd MN.  It was beautiful!!!  I love the north woods!  I tried to soak up every moment spent up there.

It just happens that one of my favorite quilt shops is up there–Country Fabrics and Quilting.  It is amazing!  If you are anywhere in the area you have to stop.  It just made the Quilt Samplers Featured Shops.  They totally deserve this honor and I am surprised it has taken this long for them to be recognized.  The owner, Deb, sweetly signed the magazine for me.

I was tickled to see a few of my patterns in the magazine.  When I showed this picture to my brother-in-law, Jon, he said, “Oh, it looks like they are trying to feature your pattern.”  What a funny little stink-pot.  🙂   Can you see my pattern?  It’s Boxed Blessings, and it is hanging out on the right hand side in the background.

And here is Anything Goes hanging behind the wool display.  Yay!  So exciting to see samples of my quilts that the shop made.  And thrilled that they were used in the photo shoot!!!

I will show you all the things I bought in the next few days.  Some wonderful goodness!