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It has been cool and rather gloomy here the last couple of days, so Tony and I thought it would be the perfect time to head out to the apple orchard. We did just that, but took a little detour so Tony could see some publ000_2635ic hunting land in the area. We were bumping along a gravel road when suddenly we came across a little meat market. Having no idea what to expect we cautiously entered the little building. Tony picked some bacon wrapped chicken breast for supper, and I picked some beef jerky. Ahh, meat. I like it. The little meat market was a hit! (Yes, this is what much of South Dakota looks like…beautiful in it’s own way.)

I finished my little pixie hat. My pom-pom could be a little fuller…Tony laughed at it…but overall I think it will be a darling winter hat for baby Barlow.