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I love holiday weekends!  (That said, I am also very aware of the reason for the extra day off work.)

Most Saturday mornings I try and make something special for breakfast.  Tony goes in early to work and then comes home around 8:15am.  He loves walking through the door, sniffing the air, and guessing what’s cook’n.  I threw a curve ball in this weekend and did homemade donuts.  Very fun and really not hard.

000_2538000_2539000_2537I had a letter “O” cookie cutter that worked great for cutting out the donuts.

I did powdered sugar and cinnamon/sugar.  Next time we will have to try glazed.


The north side of my house is being taken over by “Lily of the Valley”–not a bad problem to have!  The smell is just heavenly.

A darling little bouquet for the house.  (I do believe fairies use these flowers as hats.)

Two more quilts finished on Sunday.  I will post pictures in the next day or two.

I went on a fabulous bike ride with Tony this morning.  Spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen–6 batches of freezer jam, 4 loaves of banana bread, and a rhubarb crisp!