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Lately I have been working on some rug hooking.  This involves taking 1/4″ strips of wool and pulling it through a special fabric, monk’s cloth or burlap, with a little hook.  Little loops of wool that make a picture!  It’s a good project for sitting and relaxing in the evenings.  Part of the fun of rug hooking, is you can draw whatever you want.  This is a little design I drew that we will put in an oversized wood frame.  Hopefully it will have that modern primitive look.  Check out The Woolen Needle or Wooly Lady!


Tony has been busy modernizing some of our art in the kitchen.  We have had so much fun taking pictures that we decided to make art out of them.  Personal art!  The living room is going to be the next room to get some new touches.


Tony threw some new paint up in the kitchen as well.  Here’s hoping the makeover turns out!