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I made bread this weekend and made a very important discovery.  Bread takes a long time to rise and so it is helpful to have other things to do while you wait.   Well, I decided to run errands and it took me longer than I expected.  So…when you leave bread too long to rise it gets kind of a crust over the top and the yeast takes on a slightly sourdough taste.  It really was still edible, but not great.  Really good for garlic toast–take a few slices, butter them, sprinkle a little bit of garlic salt, top with shredded cheese, and put it under the broiler.  (We do this with the heels of bread as well.)

german-restaurantbw Tony has become a rather good photo man.  This picture was from when we were in Germany a couple years ago.  We were eating on this little back porch in a village.


This is the Japanese Lilac bush in our backyard.  Ahh, spring.  I can’t wait for your return!

I’m thinking I might have to get some chickens this spring…