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Today I had some fun working on a nursery project.  It has been a project that has come together one little piece at a time.  First I picked up the 3 wooden hoops with a general idea in mind.  Second I bought the fabric with no real idea how I was going to use it.  And finally I decided on the hand piecing of the “grandmother’s flower.”  Overall I wanted Elias’ name to be subtle and nothing with a lot of weight in case it would fall off the wall and into the crib.

Fabric for the hoops picked.

The pieces to my grandmother’s flower ready for me to baste.

I have yet to glue the fabric around to the inside of the hoop to finish them off.

Here’s a link to the template I used for the flower.

I also finally got this quilt hanging up in the nursery.  The branch adds a bit of natural whimsy to it.  (Plus it was cheap and easy to find!)

It’s kind of fun to look around the nursery and know that Elias is surrounded by homemade love.